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*It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas*

Decorate a Tree at
Donna's Christmas Cottage!

Please note: You must have java enabled
in order to properly view this page.
Credit for Decorate a Tree applet: VirtualMax

Would you like to help me decorate
the cottage and the Christmas tree?!

Just Click, Drag and Drop!

Right-click to hide items you don't need.
You should see 47 objects which may be used
to arrange and decorate the room and tree.
Click here to see the items that should appear.

Build a Snowman!
Drag and Drop clothing and accessories

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Just the Lyrics

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Continuous Play Christmas Music
Over 40 songs that play consecutively,
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Donna's Winter Wonderland!
Nostalgic winter scene
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NEW! Virtual Christmas Screen Saver NEW!
Winter Wonderland on your Desktop!

A Christmas Prayer
A Prayer for the Grieving


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