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*A Mother's Love*

Remember the Love

There are so many things our mothers do for us
that are taken for granted, and too often are
never given a second thought - or even a first.

Mom was always doing something for someone.
She did everything cheerfully and with love.
When I was ten years old, she did something
for me that I will never forget. At the time, I was
appreciative, but as an adult I realize just how
much she gave, and with no thought for herself.

Mom was a full time switchboard operator at
a busy taxi company. She always came home
very tired, but happy to be with her family.
I was one of three siblings then (the fourth
came a few years later), and every day, after
her hard day at work, Mom would listen with
great interest and enthusiasm to all of our
endless prattlings and long, drawn out stories
that we had saved up all day to tell her.

On this particular day, I was very upset, as I
had to tell Mom something important, and should
have told her much earlier: My school was having
a *Theme Day*, and the children were to dress
in costume, each classroom having a different
theme. Our theme was Native Indians, and I
needed a costume. Though Mom was exhausted
from working all day, she made dinner and got
right to work on my costume. But I was horrified
to discover that she was using an old fifty-pound
potato sack for my costume! I couldn't wear a
potato sack! I wouldn't! I cried and pleaded with
her, hoping she would find a better solution.
Mom tried to reassure me that it would be okay,
but it didn't make me feel any better. I went to
bed that night, not wanting to face the morning,
and secretly planned to go to school the next
day without a costume. I would just tell my
teacher that I forgot.

When I awoke the next morning, Mom was up and
dressed for work, and had just put the finishing
touches on my costume. I looked at it reluctantly,
but to my delight, it was wonderful! I tried it on, and
it fit me perfectly! I couldn't believe that such a good
costume could have come from an old burlap sack!

Mom was very pleased with the outcome, and
especially with my reaction, but she looked tired,
and said that she had to get dressed for work.
I said, "Mom, you're already dressed!" and she
replied, "I can't wear these clothes to work today.
I wore them yesterday."

It was then that I realized Mom had stayed up all
night, sewing my costume, and then had to go to
work, without having slept at all.

I went happily to school that day, and my costume
was voted the best in the class. I will always
remember that costume, and how good it made
me feel. Much later in my life I thought about how
much was given in the making of it, and how much
love was sewn into every stitch.
needle and thread heart

*Remember the Love*
written by Donna Sheehan
copyright ©2002 Donna's Holiday Sentiments

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