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The Story of Saint Patrick

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In the country of Scotland, about 400 years
after the death of Jesus, there lived a young
lad named Patrick. His father was wealthy
and respected, and Patrick had a good life. He
thanked God often for the blessings he had
been given. Then one day, at the age of sixteen,
Patrick's life changed. He was captured by a
group of pirates, who bound him and took him
to Ireland, where he was forced to live as a
slave and tend sheep for his owner. Patrick
was not allowed to do as he wished. Though
his life was no longer his own, neither did it
belong to his owner - for Patrick knew that his
true Master was Jesus, and through Him he
prayed and continued to thank God for all that
he had. He knew that all things work together
for good to those who love God. Day upon day,
year after year, Patrick prayed, while his faith
continued to grow. He began to have visions
from God, and the way to escape was revealed
to him. The visions led Patrick to a ship, on
which he stowed away to the northern coast
of Gaul. After six years of slavery, Patrick
was finally free!

In Gaul, years later, Patrick realized that
his life should be to serve God, and he became
a priest. He had another vision, which told
him that he must return to Ireland, where he
had been a slave, to preach God's word. The
Irish people at that time, did not believe in
God, and worshipped pagan images of snakes.
Patrick lived and preached in Ireland for forty
years, converting all of Ireland to Christianity,
and during that time he became a Bishop. The
symbols, carvings and statues of snakes, which
the Irish had once worshipped, were burned and
destroyed; and the souls of the Irish were
blessed by their conversion.

Patrick died on March 17, around the year 461,
comforted in the knowledge that Ireland now
belonged to God.

St Patrick

About this story

*The Story of Saint Patrick*
written by Donna Sheehan
copyright ©2000

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