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Donna's Synergy Guide

It is important that you read this section on blending
before attempting to create a Synergy.

Blending Oils

Most pure essential oils are too concentrated to be used
directly on the skin. When applying essential oils topically,
due to their strength, it is necessary to dilute them first
with an unscented base or what is called a *carrier*.
A carrier can be anything from an unscented massage oil,
lotion, bubble bath or shampoo, to a diffuser which uses
heated water to transport the essential oils through the air.

Please be sure to read the disclaimer
- especially if oils are being used for health reasons.

If you missed the Introduction,
click here for a brief explanation
of Aromatherapy and Synergies.

Where to Begin?

1. Decide on the reason or purpose for your blend. For example,
as a topical ointment or as a room freshener?

2. Choose an application method or an unscented product base
that is appropriate for your purpose. For example, an unscented
base oil (grapeseed is popular) can be used to dilute essential
oils that are good for headaches. Once diluted, they can be
applied directly to the forehead and temples.

3. Select 3 - 5 essential oils that would work together to
accomplish your purpose. For example, combine lavender,
peppermint and chamomile to relieve headaches.

4. Choose the dosage or concentration level of the oils that you
will need to add to your chosen unscented base.
See Measurement Chart (pop-up window)

5. Add essential oils to unscented base; shake, use & enjoy!

Helpful Hints:

*Blend oils with similar properties (relaxing, calming, soothing).
*Create your blends with no more than three to five oils.
*Blend 1 drop at a time; one drop of an oil can transform a blend.
*Record all of the ingredients you use in a blend. This will help to
 recreate a blend you like, and avoid repeating ones that you don't.
*Make blends in small proportions (10-30 drops) until you have
 created a blend you will enjoy using frequently.
*Mix your blend in a small glass cup or bowl.


(Ylang Ylang, Orange)

A fresh & relaxing scent, perfect for a dinner party or as
an *anytime* room freshener

(Geranium, Bergamot)

Calming & soothing, a fresh floral scent that can be used
as a deodorant or perfume. It's great to keep moods and
emotions stable.

Bacteria Fighter
(Tea Tree, Lavender)

Very antibacterial & antiviral, combats acne, sinus &
respiratory congestion, herpes, and athletes foot;
A great immune stimulant.

Bug Repellant
(Lemon Grass, Lavender)

Fresh & clean smelling, it's a safe insect repellant that
works for hours

Christmas Fragrance
(Cinnamon, Vanilla)

Festive & spicy, a great holiday scent to use as a room freshener
or fragrance; contains perfume vanilla oil which cannot be used
in an electric diffuser.

Citrus Blend
(Lemon, Orange)

Light, refreshing, fruity blend; banishes lethargy & confusion
while fighting germs & viruses in the air.
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(Sandalwood, Lavender)

Powerful, this synergy gives strength & intensity, allowing
understanding & giving direction by heightening one's awareness;
A great scent for both men & women.


Expressive; Gets your creative juices flowing.

(Peppermint, Rosemary)

Stimulating; Use to invigorate your senses, refresh your mind
and energize your body. It clears out the cobwebs & helps you focus.

(Jasmine, Rosewood)

Euphoric & exotic, this blend helps release tension & fear,
and replaces it with love & sensuality.

Feel Better
(Neroli, Bergamot)

Balancing, Relieves anxiety & depression, gives your spirit a lift.

Feminine Cycles
(Clary Sage, Geranium)

Great for those high-stressed, menopausal or PMS times;
helps regulate the female cycle & balance mood swings.

Headache Relief
(Peppermint, Lavender)

Energizing & relieving, just a small amount on the temples
works wonders on migraines & tension headaches. Great for
hangovers too!

(Lemongrass, Geranium)

Pick-me-up; A lovely, lively fragrance to help you deal with
the unpredictable events of each day; an excellent room freshener.
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(Rose, Geranium)

This blend encourages wholeness, confidence
and love. Use as a fragrance in any body & bath products.

(Eucalyptus, Spearmint)

Energizing & breathtaking, Eucalyptus reduces excessive oiliness
and promotes the regeneration of skin tissue, while spearmint
stimulates the brain & clears the head.

Lavender Luxury
(Lavender, Orange)

Fresh & beautiful, this blend helps deal with anxiety & moodiness.
Add to a body lotion, a bath blend or a diffuser & enjoy!

(Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang)

Self-indulgent, a truly wonderful synergy that purifies,
uplifts & harmonizes the spirit, helping to heal & nurture
on every level. Spoil yourself!

(Vetiver, Coriander)

Grounding & deep, a rich & heavy scent that helps to calm
your nerves & soothe your senses while assisting in meditation;
A great scent for both men & women.

Muscle Relief
(Peppermint, Cypress)

Relieving; For sore & tired muscles, add this blend to your bath or
massage oil. It helps increase circulation & combats aches & pains.

(Pine, Cedarwood)

Fresh & clean; Energize your senses with the smell of nature
to achieve balance & understanding in your life. Makes a great
disinfectant & deodorizer.

(Eucalyptus, Lemongrass)

Cleansing; Freshen & liven up anything from the kitchen,
car, clothes, even smelly shoes!

(Bergamot, Grapefruit)

Lighthearted; This fresh synergy will help keep the brain
alert & encourage new & more creative thoughts.

(Lavender, Geranium)

Balancing & comforting, great for hectic, stressed-out days,
a clean, fresh scent, perfect for your bath or in a diffuser.


Refreshing; lime helps refresh the spirit while eucalyptus
helps stimulate the immune system. Begin every day with it.
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(Eucalyptus, Rosemary)

Breathe easy; A valuable room deodorizer, this synergy kills
the bacteria & viruses that cause illness & bad odour. Helps
boost the immune system.

(Peppermint, Eucalyptus)

Stimulating, great for a soothing, refreshing foot bath or
to help tired, aching muscles. Use also as a mental stimulant
and as a room freshener.

(Jasmine, Ylang Ylang)

Sensual & soothing, a blend of mellow jasmine and exotic
ylang ylang tantalize the body & calm the mind. Perfect in a
massage oil, body lotion or aroma lamp.

(Ylang Ylang, Patchouli)

Exotic; Sultry, enduring scent. Great for a bath or in a diffuser.

Skin Repair
(Helichrysum, Geranium)

Healing; Use for sun damaged, scarred, wounded or infected skin
conditions. Heals skin quicker & helps avoid scarring while
reducing redness.

(Chamomile, Ylang Ylang)

Restful, helps you fall asleep more quickly - just a few drops
in the bath, on your pillowcase or in a diffuser.

(Mandarin, Palmarosa)

Comforting, a delicate fragrance that calms the mind & soothes
the thoughts. Mandarin adds an exotic note as Palmarosa comforts.

Spiritual Awareness
(Sandalwood, Rosewood)

Warm & woody, envelop your senses with this deep, grounding blend;
great for meditation, helping the senses move to a higher level
of spiritual awareness.

Stress Relief
(Neroli, Bergamot)

Calming; Deal with life's anxieties by diffusing this scent into
your space or using it as a perfume during stressful times.

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This guide is for reference purposes only, and is not intended to treat,
diagnose or prescribe. The information contained herein should in no way
be considered as a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a qualified
Medical Practitioner. The indications are based on the published
traditional uses of essential oils. No expressed or implied guarantee
as to the effects of their use can be given nor liability taken.

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