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The Leftover Valentine
It was Sunday, the day before Valentine's Day,
and Amy had almost finished addressing all
the Valentines to give to her friends and family.
The last one was going to her mother. Amy
wrote 'I love you' on the Valentine, then said
aloud "Oh no! I've already written one for Mom!"
She put the Valentine aside and started packing
the finished ones into her backpack. She was
going over to her friend, Sarah's house to look
at all of the Valentines they had both made,
before giving them to everyone tomorrow. As
Amy put on her backpack, she didn't notice that
the leftover Valentine was stuck to the side of
her pack.


Amy was a very happy little girl. She loved her
family, and she had lots of good friends. As
Amy skipped along the sidewalk to Sarah's
house, she had no idea that what was about
to happen would change someone's life...

Jessica was one of Amy's classmates. She was
a sad and lonely little girl. Her family had
just recently moved to the area, and she hadn't
made any friends yet, as she was very shy.
Today Jessica decided to go for a walk to the
nearby park. She hadn't been there before,
and was reading the street signs, when...
all of a sudden...


She collided with Amy, who had come skipping
out from around the corner. "OUCH!" they both
cried out at once. Neither of them were seriously
hurt, and they apologized to one another, both
girls admitting that they weren't watching where
they were going. Amy and Jessica straightened
themselves out, apologized again, and continued
on their separate ways. Neither girl noticed that
the Valentine, which had been stuck to Amy's
backpack, had come loose during their collision.
It had flown up into the air, and landed right in
Jessica's coat pocket! valentine
The next day was Valentine's Day, and Jessica
wasn't looking forward to going to school. She
knew that all the other children would get lots
of Valentines from each other, and because
she had no friends, Jessica probably would
not receive any Valentines at all. It was a long
day for Jessica. She did get a few Valentines,
but not nearly as many as the other children.
"Oh well", she thought to herself; "At least I
know that my family loves me."


Jessica was relieved when the final school-
bell rang, and she put on her coat to go home.
As she walked down the street toward her
house, she watched the other children walking
with their friends, chatting happily together, and
she wished that she had a friend too. It was an
especially cold day that day, and as Jessica
put her hands in her pockets to keep warm, she
felt something strange. What was in her pocket?
Jessica couldn't believe her eyes: A Valentine!
A SECRET Valentine! And someone had written
"I Love you"! Who could have given her this
Valentine? It was the happiest day of Jessica's
life. It didn't even matter who it was from. Just
knowing that someone cared enough to write that
message to her, was all that Jessica needed to
know. She began to skip along the sidewalk, and
didn't stop skipping until she was home. Little
did she know that things were about to get even
Shortly after Jessica arrived home, there was a
knock at the door, and Jessica's mother called,
"Jessica! You have a friend here to see you!"
A friend? Jessica wondered who it could be.
As she neared the hallway, she could see that
it was Amy. "Hi Jessica", said Amy; "I felt so
badly about running into you yesterday, that I
just wanted to be sure you were okay. I'm sorry
I didn't ask you in school - sometimes I'm a little
bit shy. I brought this for you. I hope you like it."


Amy handed Jessica a Valentine. Jessica was
delighted. "Thank you" she said, "It's beautiful!
Would you like to come in and visit for awhile?"
Amy accepted the invitation, and in no time at all,
the girls were laughing and talking just like old
friends. Jessica told Amy about the Valentine
she had found in her coat pocket. She told her
how good it had made her feel when she was
feeling so lonely; and then she showed the
Valentine to Amy. Amy recognized it immediately,
though she had no idea how it could have ended
up in Jessica's pocket; but she didn't tell Jessica
that it was really her leftover Valentine. Amy knew
how important that Valentine was to Jessica.

After that day, Amy and Jessica visited each
other often. Amy introduced Jessica to all of
her friends, and made her feel very special.

Jessica never forgot the wonderful feeling she
got from finding that Valentine in her pocket. The
following year, on Valentines Day, Jessica made
Valentines for every person in her class; but for
the children who didn't have as many friends, she
secretly gave an extra Valentine - a very special
Valentine that said "I Love You".

I Love You

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*The Leftover Valentine*
is an original story
written by Donna Sheehan
copyright ©2000

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