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In Jerusalem, the chief priests and pharisees
were plotting to have Jesus arrested. They
did not agree with His teachings, nor did they
believe He was the Son of God. To believe in
Him was considered to be blasphemy, a very
serious offense which was punishable by death.

On the first day of the Passover festival, Jesus
told two of His disciples, Peter and John, that
they must go to Jerusalem to meet a man. That
man would lead them to a house which had an
upper room where Jesus and His disciples could
enjoy their Passover meal in peace, and not be
found. Peter and John were to prepare the room
for the Passover celebration.

The two obeyed, and when all was ready, they
returned to Jesus and told Him. Later in the
evening, Jesus and His disciples made their way
to the upper room.

Jesus was very troubled as He sat with the
disciples. He knew that this would be their
last supper together, and He told them so.
Then He added,
"...one of you shall betray me."
This greatly upset the disciples, and they
looked at each other, wondering which one
of them it could be. Then Jesus told Judas
to go and to do quickly what he must do.
The disciples thought Jesus was sending
Judas on an errand, perhaps to buy food or
to give to the poor. They didn't know that
Judas had been bribed by the priests, and
that he was on his way to betray Jesus, in
exchange for 30 pieces of silver; but
Jesus knew.

When supper was over, Jesus and the eleven
disciples went to the mount of Olives, and
Jesus told them that they should pray. He
went a short distance from them to pray on
His own, and when He returned, He found the
disciples sleeping instead of praying, and
He woke them. When the disciples awoke,
they were frightened, as they saw a crowd
approaching their camp, including the chief
priests, elders and soldiers; and Judas was
leading them! He came to Jesus and kissed
Him upon His cheek. Judas had planned this
with the soldiers, and the kiss was a sign
to let them know which one was Jesus, so
they could arrest Him. Judas had betrayed
Jesus, just as Jesus had foretold, and all
for a small bag of money.

The soldiers then arrested Jesus, and His
disciples abandoned Him and fled, fearful
that they too might be arrested.

And now Jesus would have to stand trial
for blasphemy.

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*The Last Supper* was written by Donna Sheehan
copyright ©2000

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